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Attention: From 1 March 2018, only latecomer tickets will be available (CHF 800). 

Konferenz – Online Event Management mit der Ticketing-Lösung von XING Events




CHF 650

⇒ Access to all talks and sessions
⇒ Access to our partner exposition
⇒ Full day catering (welcome, coffee breaks, lunch Break, apéro)
⇒ Networking with other participants, speakers and partners during the conference
⇒ Access to the digital presentations, photo gallery and videos after the conference

Buy 4 tickets for your company members and get one for free.
Participant names can be communicated at a later date.

1CHF 650
5CHF 52020%
10CHF 487.5025%
15CHF 45530%
20CHF 422.5035%
25CHF 39040%