Achieving goals instead of breaking resolutions

A new year, new moments, new challenges, new opportunities: the perfect time to achieve your goals. A resolution is just an intention, what you really need are goals with a clear plan.

Don’t know where to start? Here are three goals we at DevOps Fusion think you should focus on in the coming year:

Ask questions: And do it sooner rather than later. You can only deliver outstanding results if you know exactly what you are expected to do.

Keep Learning: The need to constantly improve is in your nature. Don’t wait for your organization to sponsor your learning, take action to shape your future yourself.

Get Better at Networking: Knowledge might be power, but it’s much more powerful when it’s shared! By attending or speaking at conferences, you gain access to new ideas and meet people from different organizations and backgrounds. Call for speakers for DevOps Fusion and Swiss Testing Day are open until January 3.

To be successful, it is not enough to just believe in your goals. It is hard work. But chances will grow if you are willing to invest. Making a commitment to attend or even speak at a conference will increase your chances of achieving your goals.

At DevOps Fusion 2022 you can gain insights from other companies, exchange ideas with the DevOps community and up-level your skills.

Join DevOps Fusion on June 21.