Today’s focus topic: Quality & Testing

Here is a sneak peek to three of the many inspiring talks you get to hear at this years‘ Swiss Testing Day stage!

Continous Testing in the cloud

Mobiliar makes between 20 and 100 deployments in production every day. Torsten shares his knowledge on how to use continuous testing to bridge the gap between development speed and software quality assurance.

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die Mobiliar

From passive monitoring to observability and controllability

In order to apply SRE approaches (built-in quality), one needs to make the application observable. This allows to control the behavior of the platform under multiple situations.
While ┬źobservability┬╗ is a buzzword today, Abhijit illustrates the implementation and realization of observability principles, its importance to the Testing Community and why testers should address observability as part of Quality Engineering.

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Cypress Workshop

A true tester will recognize the situation where their tests are sometimes passing, sometimes failing, without a clear cause. The widespread use of Selenium to do UI testing would suggest that there are not a lot of other options. The workshop of Jo├źl gives a fresh view on the test development lifecycle, an architecture that is not based on Selenium. Could this be the Selenium killer?

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Stay tuned for more insights on topics such as Infrastructure, Performance, Security and Advancing People and Organizations. Join us on June 21 for a day full of networking and insights!