David Aguilar aka "Hand Solo"

Inventor, ambassador, uni student. David is an exceptional individual with drive and passion – and seemingly endless energy. His spirit of improvement has been recognized in important global media that range from National Geographic to the New York Times, Washington Post, Euronews and other international audio-visual media. He has spoken at various conferences, including NASA’s Cross Industry Innovation Summit and Brazil’s Let’s Go Festival and received awards that include the Silver Medal of the Universal League for the Public Good in Paris for having done good for humanity. He is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first in history to create arm prostheses with LEGO.

David’s story is featured in the documentary, „Mr. Hand Solo“. Through this film, he hopes to touch people’s hearts and break the stigma of disability, replacing it total inclusion and acceptance of the simple fact of being different. David has one message for all of us: “All your dreams can be fulfilled if you want them very strongly. You just have to fight for them”.

Today, David is studying bioengineering at the International University of Catalonia so that he can continue to help others.


Talk: Breaking down barriers

David was born with Poland Syndrome, a congenital disease that prevented his forearm and right pectoral muscle from developing. At age 9, he created his first prosthesis using LEGO bricks to replace his right forearm. David continued to experiment and optimize his „product“ and is now the internationally recognized creator of the MK range of prosthetic arms and the face of LEGO’s global #RebuildTheWorld campaign.

An advocate for inclusion and innovation, David helps and inspires millions of people. His vision is a world where the stigma of disability is no more. But instead, total inclusion and acceptance of the simple fact of being different.message.

David will share his story and his future ambitions at the conference.