Dr Abhijit S Ranjekar


Dr Abhijit S Ranjekar comes from an academic background, having done a Doctorate in Mathematics and joined Software for doing R&D.
He has worked in the field of Performance Testing, Engineering of Applications and platforms for the last 15+ years and SRE, Observability in the recent past. He has hands-on experience across multiple domains and technologies with a special focus on New Gen Architectures and Cloud. Currently, he is Practice Head, Performance Engineering at Wipro, Non-functional Quality Engineering and Testing Services.

Talk: From Passive Monitoring to Observability and Controllability

In order to apply SRE approaches (built-in quality), one needs to make the application observable, which in turn allows to control the behavior of the platform under multiple situations. While Observability is a buzzword today, this talk illustrates the implementation and realization of Observability principles, its relevancem, its importance to the Testing Community and why testers should embrace and address Observability as part of Quality Engineering.