Naor Adno

Co-founder & Head of strategy, with 10+ years of experience in corporate strategy , marketing and sales across Europe and Asia in finance, luxury, hospitality and technology. Fashiontech, Shoes and digital tools expert, works alongside footwear brands since 2018. Ever passionate about innovative technologies

Talk: How to Make Software Testing Human-Centered (For Real)

Software verification and validation are often carried out using only automated tools, code or internal resources. But what about the end-user of your product?

This talk is about the method I use to reduce developers’ rework, solve marketers’ questions and release a product that customers enjoy using. You will learn how to create a stable community and how to bring it into your development and testing process to make it more… human! Finally, Naor Adno from Snapfeet will show how the power of the Crowd helped him build his AR app and how it changed before and after involving the real users in the process.