Pierre Palatin


Pierre Palatin is a Staff Software Engineer in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) at Google. During his many years as an SRE for Gmail, he learned solid production hygiene and how to manage large scale systems. Building upon that experience, he co-created Prodspec & Annealing, the control plane now responsible for a large chunk of Google infrastructure. When not talking about production management, he is most likely saying things about graphic programming or food.

Talk: Intent Based Deployment for Google Production

A large part of Google production is maintained through continuous intent-based deployment. That has not always been the case: we used to rely heavily on a large number of complex workflows. In the talk, we will talk about what is „continuous intent-based deployment“, why we wanted to move away from workflows and how it led to the creation of „Prodspec & Annealing“. I’ll cover the core principles of our systems, and the lessons we learned from building a successful intent-based system to manage production: the necessity of a config pipeline, hermetic sources, the Select-Update-Validate cycle and a few more.