Advancing our People and Organizations

How can we make our organizations ready for the challenges of the future such as war for talents, technological change, security and data governance, cost pressure, …?

The discussion should highlight the business aspects of this transformation and what is needed in addition to all the new and fancy tooling, technology and new ways of collaboration. Where do we need to make compromises and where to focus our forces and why?


Anne-Therese Morel

Claire Corish

Erik Jochemsen

2022 Erik Jochemsen 2022 Erik Jochemsen Firma


Erik Jochemsen is 46 years old, living in Amsterdam.

  • Studied Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in direction of Information Management
  • Started at ABN AMRO in 2003 at project manager for Infrastructure Networks
  • Worked as project manager at Operations for manual transaction processing in areas as ATM’s and Cash management
  • Moved to strategy regarding offshoring, credit landscape and operating model optimization
  • Since 2008 at IT as strategist on organization design and long term IS architecture investments
  • Since 2015 responsible for Center of Expertise of Test & Release Management and subsequently CoE Software Development and CICD Tooling
  • Since 2020 including also API management and low code platforms and robotics
  • Doing a PhD on IS complexity since 2015