Track+ Microsoft: Lazy engineers guide to GitOps

As the gap between development and operations teams shrinks, so do the processes. GitOps is a set of practices to manage infrastructure and application configurations using Git. As the concept gains maturity, how does GitOps look for adopters today? We have been evaluating GitOps tools in a real-world scenarios and combined them to our dream-stack. Are you ready to move from ClickOps to GitOps? Join our session to find out what are the trends to follow, what works and what does not.


Andre Bossard

2022 Andre Bossard 2022 Andre Bossard Firma

Andre is a polyglot developer and seasoned engineer with a 20 year track record of building and delivering products in large and small companies across the whole technology stack. As customer engineer at Microsoft he helps some of the largest companies to become the fastest delivering companies on the planet. He is fond of Kubernetes and the ecosystem it brings and an avid Open Source advocate.

Petteri Johansson

2022 Petteri Johansson 2022 Petteri Johansson Firma


Petteri is well seasoned software engineer with over 20 years of experience on delivering large scale business critical applications. Besides being a programming geek, he is also into technology strategy and engineering processes. As a senior customer engineer at Microsoft, he brings his experience to help customers on their journeys to cloud and DevOps.