Track+ How Continuous Testing on Steroids should Work?

Do the following statements sound familiar to your organization ?


Evolving business needs increase the frequency of app changes, causing the expansion of test surfaces while reducing testing windows at the same time ?

Defect discovery comes late in the software development and delivery process especially for performance and accessibility issues ?

Test creation is limited to only those with coding skills

No easy way for globally distributed teams or teams in a “lockdown situation” to collaborate on testing ?

Functionality, performance, and accessibility on mobile devices are not consistently tested across all device/OS types leading to a lack of visibility ?

Fragmented device models, OS versions, and different network conditions make testing difficult ?

Then we have the answer for you!

Learn how you can

  • Use Comprehensive continuous testing capabilities that cover functional, performance, and accessibility test cases
  • Have a “Test Automation/Exploration Robot” which automatically explores your (mobile) application and identifies test cases ?
  • Scale and optimize tests for faster feedback
  • Conduct non-functional testing (performance, network simulation, accessibility) in the context of a functional test
  • Seamlessly collect, and analyze, standardized metrics to present actionable insights, and root cause analysis during testing
  • AI/ML powered predictive and prescriptive intelligence to improve delivery cycles and lead times


Matthias Zieger