E2E Testing AWS Amplify Apps with TestCafe

AWS Amplify is a set of tools and services that can be used together to help front-end web and mobile developers build scalable full-stack applications, powered by AWS. It supports popular web frameworks including JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, and mobile platforms including Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, Flutter, So in this demo we will build a simple React app where I show you how to write E2E tests with TestCafe and run the tests with our CI/CD pipeline.


Moataz Nabil

Moataz Nabil Moataz Nabil Firma

Moataz Nabil has more than 12 years of experience across development and testing roles across industries including agriculture, telecom, healthcare, fashion, and food delivery. He has experience in building an automation process from scratch for big, distributed projects. Due to his passion for automation testing, he got fully exposed to tools like Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest.