Breaking Boundaries- Back into the Physical World

The digital age leaves many technology-driven traces in immersive exhibitions, visitor attractions and theme parks: Screen-based experiences, interactive touchscreen applications, LED-Screens and projection-mapping instead of real scenic constructions, haptic adventures and tactile encounters. Ever decreasing investment costs for media hardware continuously intensified this development. Is it time for a recollection, a return to the origins of perception and a revival of the direct connection between space, staging and experience? A Renaissance of the Physical?


Alexander Bresinsky

2022 Alexander Bresinsky 2022 Alexander Bresinsky Firma


„Alexander studied engineering in the field of technical theater and entertainment technology. Before graduating with his master´s thesis „Artificial Reality – Simulation in the Entertainment Industry“, he gained commercial experience working with Disney´s visual effects company Dream Quest Images. The year in Los Angeles played a lasting role in his future endeavors – working on theme park simulator rides; e.g. Batman for Warner Bros. and Asteroid Adventure (IMAX 65mm 48fps) for the Phantasialand.

Alexander started to focus on themed entertainment and researched connections in the field of interactive new media. He took over head of production at fx.Center – famous Studio Babelsberg´s facility for digital film effects. At the same time he was also a lecturer for Animated Entertainment at the German Film School. He worked as creative producer and consultant for various agencies and theme parks with his own company flying saucer, specializing in attraction design and engineering.
For over a decade, he has been director of the European and the International Board of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) – an international non-profit association representing the world’s leading creators, developers, designers and producers of compelling places and experiences. In November 2021 he was elected again to 3 year terms as one of the European and Middle East Division Board Directors.
Alexander is a member of the executive board of MKTengineering, which is known for its large-scale kinetic projects worldwide.“