Managing a Million Kubernetes Clusters

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) manages Kubernetes clusters on behalf of customers. AKS stays agnostic to the customer workload and manages the accessibility, performance, and reliability of these clusters without requiring full knowledge of the infrastructure configurations and policies put by the customers. In this talk, I will share various challenges the service faces and our auto detection and auto remediation approaches to tackle them at scale.


Qi Ke

Qi Ke Qi Ke Firma

Qi Ke is the Engineering Director in Microsoft Azure leading the Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS). Prior to that, she worked at Google in various areas in cloud, APM, dev tools, enterprise, social and Chrome, building performant, scalable distributed systems and engineering systems. Before that, she designed and led the effort to develop the large scale distributed build and test service (QBuild a.k.a. CloudBuild) when she worked in Bing.