Moving Towards Continuous Deployment with Feature Flags

Here at Vontobel, we have been working using the continuous delivery software release process for several years now and have been working towards Continuous Deployment (CD) ever since. In this talk, you will learn about our journey, how we got a step closer to achieving our CD goal by introducing a centralized feature flag management system and what challenges still remain ahead. I will also cover our rationale behind choosing an open-source feature flag management system called Flagsmith, the details of our on-premise deployment, the benefits we have gained and our lessons learnt.


Olga Diaz-Gutierrez

Olga Diaz-Gutierrez Olga Diaz-Gutierrez Firma

Olga is a full-stack software engineer but used to be an embedded systems engineer in the automotive industry.
Her world is encompassed by Spring Boot, Angular, Ionic and the never ending framework saga.
She is passionate about reaching continuous deployment at Vontobel and making operations/maintenance as painless as possible for us devs.
In her free time, she loves reading, board gaming and hiking.