Serverless SecOps Automation with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its underlying infrastructure has been built with the security requirements of global banks, healthcare, and other highly sensitive organizations in mind and provides every customer with a deep set of integrated tools and features. In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to use and combine these built-in tools using simple patterns and serverless technologies. Together, we will build an exemplary end-to-end solution to monitor your environment and automatically detect, contain, and remediate security risks. Some prior experience with AWS would be helpful but isn’t required. This will be a practical session, so please bring a laptop and a non-production AWS account that you have administrative access to.


Dennis Traub

Dennis Traub Dennis Traub Firma

Dennis Traub is Developer Advocate, leading Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. His favorite part of work is showing builders hands-on how they can bring their ideas to life on AWS while keeping security and cost-efficiency in mind. Dennis started his career in software development nearly 30 years ago, lived through the dot-com era, and has been building applications of all kinds and sizes ever since. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading tons of books, and all kinds of simulation games.