What Can Go Wrong with Testing an ETL Pipeline?

With businesses wanting to make data-driven decisions, software engineers find themselves implementing more data-intensive applications. More engineers are jumping from application software development to data engineering. Yet, when it comes to testing data-intensive systems, the lessons that we have learned from writing application code seem to be forgotten, making one worry about generating data instead of having a good testing strategy. This talk will be about how a testing strategy evolved in one of the analytics projects I was involved in and how we learned these old lessons the hard way.


Arne Lapõnin

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Arne Laponin works as a Consultant Developer at Thoughtworks Spain. He is fascinated by using data to create tools so that people would be empowered to make better decisions. Over the last couple of years, he has been helping clients on data engineering and data platform projects. Arne loves climbing and skateboarding, and is obsessed with good coffee.